Informer: Restrictions easing, borders opening, cases rising - two out of three isn't bad

Restrictions easing, borders opening, cases rising - two out of three isn't bad

When COVID-19 restrictions eased in some of Australia's eastern states there were feelings of elation and relief but those feelings, at least for some, have reverted back to concern.

NSW, in particular, is experiencing a surge in cases after a COVID positive person visited a night club in the state's north.

Cases grew by more than 200 in 24 hours and the state's chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant has already flagged the potential for "super spreading events".

"We are of the belief that Omicron transmission is accounting for an our increased case numbers at present," she said.

Surging cases were a concern when Omicron first arrived on our shores, and it looks like those concerns could become reality.

And as of tomorrow NSW folk won't have to wear masks or check-in at most venues in the state.

Meanwhile, the Northern Territory has recorded its highest number of COVID-19 cases in a day, with 17 people testing positive.

The rising cases have resulted in a testing blitz throughout Katherine and some remote communities.

The state has also reinstated tougher restrictions for interstate travellers, while WA and QLD have announced easing border rules.

Queensland threw open its doors yesterday with plenty of happy reunions taking place.

WA's Premier Mark McGowan announced that the state would end its hard border controls in line with a 90 per cent vaccination rate, from Saturday, February 5.

So while you might not be seeing your WA-based relatives for Christmas, at least it's only a couple months away.

If you need all of the details about where you can travel and when, check out this explainer.

On a much lighter note, some families down in Tasmania will be saving some money this silly season after an anonymous donor paid off 150 Christmas lay-bys at a toy shop!

It's nice to be reminded that random acts of kindness haven't disappeared over the past few years.